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American seamen have three avenues of recovery against a shipowner in respect of injuries sustained on board a ship: maintenance and cure; the Jones Act; a claim of unseaworthiness.

Punitive damages are available for the first of these, but not the second. The position as regards unseaworthiness was, until recently, unclear with a Circuit split on the issue. This has now been resolved by the Supreme Court’s decision in Dutra Group v Batterton ,588- U.S.. ____ Canvas Duck Turnout Water Resistant Foal Winter Blanket 51701Apollo Round Grid Galvanised Steel(2019) , to the effect that punitive damages are not recoverable. The  overwhelming historical evidence was against such damages being available in an action for unseaworthiness. A  novel remedy could not be sanctioned unless it is re­quired to maintain uniformity with Congress’s clearly expressed poli­cies, BiuTeFang Pet Bolster Dog Bed Comfort Removable pet sofa cushion cat Nest Pet NestCanine Caviar Splmt Synergy Veg Mix 24Oz by Canine Caviar Pet Foods Inc.particularly those in the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 (Jones Act), under which only compensatory damages were recoverable.BETTASHOP.ES bettashop. It is for Aquarium Table BlackAAGWCWWWL Pet Dog Cat Playpen Cage Crate Portable Folding Exercise Kennel Indoor & Outdoor use.

To allow punitive damages on unseaworthiness claims would create bizarre disparities in the law. First, a mariner could make a claim for punitive damages if he was injured onboard a ship, but his estate would lose the right to seek punitivedamages in a wrongful death action if he died from his injuries. Cat Dog Backpack, Puupy Pet Carrier with Breathable Head Out Design And Double Mesh Padded Shoulder for Outdoor Travel Hiking(Green)BuckleDown DCW31825M Dog Collar Plastic Clip Buckle, Rrrawr Dinosaur Black Green Yellow, 1 x 1117 Second, because unseaworthi­ness claims run against the owner of the vessel, the owner could be liable for punitive damages while the ship’s master or operator—who could be more culpable—would not be liable for such damages under the Jones Act. Carhartt Gear 102004 Journeyman Double Layer Dog CollarBURIONI Shaped Pure Wool SaddleclothThird, allowing punitive damages would place Amer­ican shippers at a significant competitive disadvantage and discour­age foreign-owned vessels from employing American seamen

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It’s not often that we can say “You read it first on the IISTL blog.” But it seems we may be able to, following the decision of the Court of Appeal (Males, Rose and Haddon-Cave L.JJ.) in Christmas Pet Dog Clothes Winter Comfortable Soft Sweatshirts Print Christmas Pattern Clothing Cute Pet Costumes.

The facts briefly recap thus. A charterer signed a CoA promising to come up with vast cargoes of Brazilian iron ore that would have netted the shipowner profits of something like $20 million. It didn’t, and in hindsight it was abundantly clear that it it never could have. Cat Sand Cushion, Cat Sand Pot Cushion, Toilet Cushion, Dog Pet Antiskid Cushion Cleaning SuppliesBaoblaze Transparent Pet Breathable Pet Parred Travel Space Capsule Backpack Carrier with Kiwi Pattern Bird Fashion Nappy Diaper (bluee)The contract was subject to a force majeure clause including floods preventing performance. Floods duly materialised; but (as was held both at first instance and on appeal) the charterer couldn’t invoke the clause, since if it had never had any cargoes in the first place the floods hadn’t prevented it doing anything. Nevertheless Teare J Andrewex wooden fence, privacy, garden fence, fencing panel 180 120 x 90, varnished, pinie 30 by 40\ Kess InHouse Miranda Mol Kaleidoscopic bluee bluee Geometric Fleece Dog Bed, 30 by 40 BESSIE AND BARNIE Deluxe Doggie Dials Blocks Nylon Dog Pet Durable Adjustable Leash (Multiple Sizes)that even though there was breach the damages were not $20 million, but zilch (or rather nominal). His argument was that, hindsight having shown that the shipowner wouldn’t have had a right to performance even if the cargoes had been there, the value of the lost rights was zero.

We raised an eyebrow here at the idea that a defendant who hadn’t, and never could have, performed should be able to cut damages from $20 million to zero by pointing to a force majeure clause that might have protected him but in fact didn’t. 42X58cm DOGW Estera No Tejida Impermeable Alfombra De Algodón Perrera Extraíble Arena Para Gatos Cuatro Estaciones Universales, 42X58CmAxiba Pet toilet Semiclosed cat litter basin cat toilet double raise cat excrement basin antisplashThe Court of Appeal has now made it clear that it thinks the same way, and substituted an award of $20 million. If (it was said) a claimant showed that a defendant had failed to perform and the defendant could not invoke any exculpatory provision, there was no reason why damages should not be substantial. The reasons behind the non-performance were irrelevant,Arteki Mini USB Desktop Aquarium Fish Tank with Clock LCD Display and LED Table Lamp (WHITE)Black Microclimate EVO LITE Digital Thermostat (Purple) as was the fact that had the defendant been able to perform in the first place he would have had an excuse.

In our view, despite the beguiling advocacy of the Institute’s own Simon Rainey QC, this is sensible and logical. Males LJ hit the nail on the head at [89] when he pithily pointed out that the breach was not inability or unwillingness to supply cargoes, but the simple fact that the cargoes, for whatever reason, were not there. Put that way, everything neatly falls into place. If you don’t perform your contract and can’t point to any excuse, you are liable for substantial damages. End of story.

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Last year we reported on two judicial review challenges to government policy on climate change, one in the Netherlands, the other in the UK.

The Netherlands challenge brought by Urgenda resulted in an order that that the Netherlands State be ordered to achieve a reduction so that the cumulative volume of Netherlands greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced at least by 25%, by the end of 2020, relative to 1990 levels. The Netherlands State appealed against the order and the Dutch Supreme Court heard the case on 24 May 2019 and a judgment is expected over the summer.

The UK challenge was brought by Plan B and sought judicial review of the UK government’s decision not to amend the 2050 target in the Climate Change Act 2008 in the light of article 2(1) (a) the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change, which the UK has ratified, Beggin' Strips Dog Treats, Bacon, 25oz Pouch, Pack of 2the parties commit to:Car waterproof Nonslip Antifouling Pet mat, Car Rear Seat Trunk Oxford cloth Pet Bucket Seat Cover BlackBest Buy Bones 395039 Amer Mons Elk Antler Bulk for Pets, 911Inch “Holding the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels and pursuing efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, recognising that this would significantly reduce the risks and impacts of climate change.” The challenge failed and leave to appeal was rejected earlier this year.Cl Pureflo Filter Pad 50 Micron 36x24Aquael Aquajet PFN 2000 Pond Pump

Since then the UK Committee on Climate Change, in line with the findings of the IPCC in October 2018, has recommended a new emissions target for the UK of net-zero greenhouse gases by 2050. The previous target was to ensure that the net UK carbon account for the year 2050 (“the 2050 target”) is at least 80% lower than the 1990 baseline. This week a statutory instrument, the Climate Change Act 2008 (2050 Target Amendment) Order 2019, CATSPIA CASATS9405LPM Mimi Pet Shirt, MediumCasual Canine Flat Leather Dog Collar, 811Inch, Brownwas laid amending the Climate Change Act 2008 so that ‘80%’ is replaced by ‘100%’.2.5KW Hotbox NATURAL Gas Heater3 Handle Thin Send Out Tug Toy (11 X 7 ) Redline K9.

This is a ‘net’ figure, which allows for the ability to use international carbon credits to offset emissions within an appropriate monitoring, reporting and verification framework. In addition, under s.30(1) of the Act emissions from international aviation and shipping do not count as emissions from sources in the UK. BESSIE AND BARNIE Cotton Candy Versailles Pink (Ruffles) Luxury Ultra Plush Faux Fur Pet, Dog, Cat, Puppy Super Soft Reversible Blanket (Multiple Sizes)The Government have said that they will review the ‘net zero’ target within 5 years to check that other countries are following suit, and, if not, reserve the right to revert to the original 80% target.

To stabilise at 1.5 degrees over pre industrial levels by 2100 the IPCC has stated that levels of CO2 in the atmosphere should not exceed 430 parts per million, and for stabilising at 2 degrees the levels should not exceed 450 per million. By Purina Purina Busy with Beggin' Twist'd Small Medium Dog Treats Value Size (3 Packages)CHUNXU 3 Steps Breathable Dog Stairs AntiSlip Cat Staircase Waterproof Pet Climbing Ladder Bed Cushion Mat for Small Dogs Puppy Cat,orange,30 CMADJ Products ZB500PAR64 M PAR 64 500W MFL SEALED BEAMLast month a reading at a weather station in Hawaii recorded 415 parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere. The current annual rate of increase is in the order of 3 parts per million.